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We went to # 1 in our Zone Thanks to Mark & Ann Proctor and PDS, Inc. Town & Country Ford TN

$453,000.00 in 4 Days (3 with Snow & Rain) Karl Malone Toyota/Stockton to Malone Honda UT

 $175,000.00 Gross Profit on Inventory we would have lost $75k+ at Auction! We Look Forward to our Next Sale with a "Clean Inventory" Wade Nelson GM Karl Malone Toyota NM (5 Sales)

PDS, Inc. Set a 40 Year Record at Duea Motor Co. Albia, IA $211,000+ in 4 Days!  Mike Duea. Dealer. Duea Motor Co. IA (32 Sales)

These guys really helped us make it happen. Not only did we set a new record in gross, we also received compliments and thank you cards from our customers for being treated so nicely. Johnson Dodge/Kia MS (16 Sale Events)

I've done sales in the past. Normally my salespeople are treated as if they don't know anything about the car business. You were different; your team treated my guys as equals. Your management team was always eager to help them in any way. My salespeople used to complain about having these sales; now they are begging me to get you back. Larry Vickers Dealer TN

We have had 27 Sale Events with Mark & Ann, I guess you could say we are uniquely qualified to make this recommendation. You will find credibility and integrity that is unparalleled in this business. We sell around a month and a half of used car business in just 5 days with averages between $3474 and $4260 per unit. Duea Motor Co. Albia, IA (32 Sale Events)

We were Losing $200K a month when we called PDS. We finished January with a $300,000 Profit. Our Biggest Month Ever D'Ambrosio Chrysler Jeep UT

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Dealer Marketing Magazine Karl Malone Toyota located in Utah held a 4-Day event staged by / Preferred Dealer Services, Inc., one of the industry pioneers and specialists of the staffed event concept. During the four-day event, of which three days were effected by snow, PDS, Inc. and their team Sold 140 units for a total gross profit of $450,000! Not bad. click here to view article

I was pleased with your staff's professionalism and greatly surprised and pleased with the financial success of our sale. I was hoping against hope that we weren't going back to the problems of xxx* and xxxxx* and you and your staff proved it can be done without the grief. Best Wishes  Marshall Friedman Dartmouth Motors NH

We here at Motor City USA are extremely pleased with the efforts and services of Preferred Dealer Services. Taking into consideration; the high amount of poor credit that had come in, with credit scores raging from 318 to 620 having 75% of the business being special finance and still maintaining gross average of 4465 per vehicle retail. I am very pleased with the high level of energy and intensity that the PDS team of Sale Managers, and Sales Representatives had brought to my dealership; without that type of effort set forth the sale would have been a complete disaster. Motor City USA has for the past seven months has done one and at times two of these types of sales per month, but PDS steamed forward and helped Motor City USA produce a successful sale as well as a successful month. In fact several other dealerships in the area were hosting similar events at the same time as ours, and with the information gathered we had one of the most successful sales if not the successful sale in the area. I feel that your company did an outstanding job, and for that we welcome Preferred Dealer Services back to our Dealership with opened arms. THANKS GUYS!!!

We would be more than happy to recommend their event to anyone and to have them host another event here for us. Thank you, Mathew Miera General Sales Manager Motor City USA Odessa, TX

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