Mark & Ann Proctor: Former Ford Dealer Principals with over 38 years of Experience are credited with Pioneering the "Staffed Event Concept" after joining Peter Bond on the "ground floor" launch; having set Numerous Retail Records of Volume, Profit  and CSI. We have taken Dealerships to their highest levels of Volume and Profitability. Maximize Profit in every Department and Create New Profit Centers. Implement Policy and Procedures to maximize Profit and CSI.

"We just finished January with a $300K Profit. Our Biggest Month Ever!" Documented. D'Ambrosio Chrysler Jeep UT.

·   Flood your Showroom with Traffic... Turn your Inventory... and Maximize Profit. PDS Delivers Results... Ask our Dealers click here

·   "Our weekends are typically 8-12 units. We sold 46 units last weekend thanks to PDS". Toyota, TN

·   Toyota President’s Day Sale. "PDS registered 787 ups and Sold 38 units with 16 New... A Record Week" Patterson Toyota, CA 02/2010

"We went to #1 in our Zone thanks to Mark & Ann Proctor". T&C Ford. TN

$453,000 in 4 Days (3 with Snow) Karl Malone Toyota UT

PDS maximizes ROI. Unlike our competitors, we do not profit from your ad budget. 100% is spent at our wholesale cost. Pay Printer directly with insertion order and postal receipts provided.

65 units @ $278K in 5-Days... IL CDJ & Ram 05/2013

·  53 units @ $211K in 4-Days... Duea Motor Co. Albia IA (32 Events)

·  47 units @ $196K in 5-Days... Jack Schmitt Chevrolet Collinsville, IL

·  50 units @ $189K in 5-Days... Spady Chrysler Dodge NE

·  54 units @ $203K in 4-Days... $16k budget Chevrolet Newport, NH

·  38 units @ 138K in 5-Days... $15K budget Chuck Hutton Toyota

·  52 units @ 190K in 5-Days... D'Ambrosio Chrysler Jeep UT

AutoSuccess Magazine Editorial... Time for a Decision by Mark Proctor 11/08 Read Article


AutoSuccess Magazine Editorial... Policy for Profit   by Mark Proctor 09/08 Read Article


“These guys really helped us make it happen. Not only did we set a new record in gross, we received compliments and thank you cards from our customers for being treated so nicely”. Johnson Dodge Kia (16 Sale Events)

PDS will add 30 - 50 plus Additional units a month. Without a Sales Team... PDS offers cutting edge programs that increases volume and profit significantly

"Pioneers and Specialists of the Staffed Event Concept" PDS Delivers 140 units @ $450K in 4-Days... Dealer Marketing Magazine. click here


PDS, Inc. The Nation's Oldest and Most Successful Staffed Event Company provides Professional Teams with Cutting Edge Advertising. #1 in Results... #1 in Resigns... #1 CSI and 100% Compliant. Ask our Dealers!

Deliver 40 to 75 Additional Units in 5-days @ $150K - $450K... Gross Profit... Guaranteed.

PDS has proven strategies that maximize volume, profit and CSI. PDS dramatically boost Profits and keep your numbers rising after PDS have left your Dealership!

Digital Media... Mobile Marketing... Social Media... Call Center Applications... Tracking... Direct Mail Solutions... Marketing Analytics.

PDS sets the bar higher. Normally as a result of our efforts; Add 30 to 50 units per month and Gross Profit increases $300 - $500 PRU after we leave. We work hand-in-hand with your Managers to sell more units at higher profits. Others promise... PDS Delivers...

DHL Envelopes... 25" X 22"... AutoParcel Mailers... DHL... Intelli-Key... Hand Written… Labeled & Stamped.

"We have had 27 Sale Events with Mark & Ann; I guess you could say we are uniquely qualified to make this recommendation. You will find Credibility and integrity that is unparalleled in this Business. We sell around a month and a half of used Car business in just 5 days with averages between $3474 and $4260 per unit". Duea Chevrolet IA

"PDS put on the best staffed event we have ever had in our store". After using another company for previous Sales events, it was amazing to see how clean and Simplified the process could be. The Proctor's ran everything seamlessly and their staff was incredible." Tony Cuva Sunnyside Chev. OH

Call 1-877-510-2277 (CARS) toll free for Information & Scheduling or request a Dealer Kit... 

Nothing Changes until Something Changes



25" X 22" Auto Parcels... DHL Envelopes... Oversized Mailers... Sale Web Site... Tracking... Professional Call Center...

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