Staffed Events: $130k - $400k in 5-Days...

PDS Events Produce the Greatest Return on Investment and Provide Valuable Training! Explore more about what sets a PDS Staffed Event apart from the "Imitators"? Ability, Integrity and Results. Our Professional On-Site Sales, Management & Training Teams are the highest quality available and provide the Largest ROI.

Many Direct Mail Companies try to facilitate Staffed Events without having ever set behind a sales desk, or having run a successful Dealership. Yet they are going to train teams and show you how to sell cars? PLEASE! They make their money selling you advertising. They often make outrageous claims on ads and websites. Unlike our competitors, all PDS testimonials are backed by actual letters from Dealers.  

"Staffed Events" are all about maximizing your store's profit, generating excitement, and training your staff to be their best by "raising the bar higher". Keep your name in front of thousands of prospects for pennies on the dollar. Ask us how.

PDS, Inc. is credited for developing and perfecting the Staffed Event Concept and was on the ground floor at the inception in 1997 with Peter Bond. PDS has conducted countless successful events for Dealers across the US and Canada for over a Decade.

A PDS Staffed Event is a Pay-For-Results five-day promotion held at your store. PDS sends a team consisting of a Team Leader, a Closer, F&I Manager and as many salespeople as needed to help run the event, close deals and train your staff.

Our Marketing Dept. handles all of the advertising, creative and media placement at our below Dealer cost and you are invoiced by our Printer. You can be sure of maximum traffic and results during your staffed event and no questions where your money went.

In short, we handle it all. Generating traffic, training your staff, closing deals and earning substantial profits for your store. And it's all backed by a money-back Gross Profit Guarantee. So unlike your ad agency or newspaper rep, we are 100% focused on ensuring the success of your event.

If you're curious about what to expect, here are some numbers...

42% Avg. percentage of used car inventory sold in 5-Days

78% Increase in gross per unit during a PDS Staffed Event

98% Clients re-sign

95% Finance Penetration  

80%  Service Contracts

$158k Average 5-day Gross  

$4154 Average Gross per Unit  

What sets PDS apart from the competition?

Often, the difference between a successful event that exceeds your expectations and an event that leaves you disappointed, frustrated (or worse) comes down to the quality of the Sales & Training Team sent to your store and if all your ad money was actually spent on advertising as promised.

Here's the Million Dollar Question:

If you were one of the top 1% talent in the country, who would you work for? The fly-by-night Super Sale company that gives you no training, no support staff and average pay with numerous Attorney General Lawsuits and Cease and Desist Orders?

Or the established industry leader that provides extensive training, the support of full time sales and marketing professionals, and the top pay in the industry?

PDS retains the most talented Sales & Training Teams because our teams are the highest-paid and best-trained in the industry. It's an investment in our most valuable asset, and it pays off for us and our clients.

PDS events are held every 30-90 days and generate an average of 40-70 plus units sold per dealership with an average gross of $4154 PRU and as high as $6231 PRU!

30% Savings on Premium Direct Mail

Staffed Sales Events are guaranteed to produce over $100,000 in just 5-days. Only one dealer per market can use our services. Our Average Dealer Client has used our Services for Over 10 years.


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Over the the last 14 years; PDS has perfected a proven strategy that can help any dealership achieve their maximum potential.

We produce 5-day sales events that dramatically boost your profits during that event and keep your numbers rising after PDS has left your dealership! Our Managers work hand-in-hand with your Team to show them how to sell more vehicles at a higher gross profit!

Our high energy sales events will draw customers from far and wide, including areas you've probably never targeted before due to our low ad cost!

PDS, Inc. Provides the Highest Quality Management Teams in the Automotive Industry Today ... The Nations Leader in Automotive Sales Promotions. 

Preferred Dealer Services, Inc. "Home of the Acquisition Sale" Founded on Trust ... Built on Integrity.

25" X 22" AutoParcel puts a Billboard in the Mailbox! Dedicated Sale Website.


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  Went to 1st in our Zone: T & C Ford TN

"We have a 16 Year Track Record of Excellence with Hundreds of Successful On-Site Sales Events". Mark Proctor President PDS, Inc. 

Mark Proctor
Policy for profit

Nobody can do what PDS does with our Army of Top Vendors... Marketing Experts... Internet Wizards... Professional Teams of Trainers and Facilitators with unmatched hands-on operational experience and knowledge.

140 units @ $453k in 4-Days. 3 with snow. Karl Malone Toyota/Stockton to Malone Honda. UT

PDS Sales Team consists of the who's who of seasoned, proven automotive professionals who practice the highest standards of sales and customer satisfaction. PDS teams include a Team Leader/Desk Manager, F&I Director, Closer, and as many professional salespersons as you will need to properly staff the event.

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