30% Savings on Premium Direct Mail

Staffed or Turn-Key Sale Events... 30% Below Dealer cost.

·   PDS, Inc. provides complete TURN-KEY Events for select Dealers and current clients across the nation with true TURN-KEY solutions that consistently deliver outstanding results.

*        These five day events average over $100,000 gross profit for our customers. Plus, you get to keep 100% of the gross profit generated from our events!

*        We provide everything you need including a free consultation on how to Plan your Event and Maximize your Profit. Our promotions, many used for our staffed events, are designed to be easy, economical and deliver a Huge ROI Fast. All Point of Sale materials, hang tags, prizes, posters, insurance, registration forms etc. are included.

*        If you’re interested in selling up to 100 units or more in 5-days then Call NOW and We will show you HOW. Don't waste another minute.

Name of service Cost

25" X 22" AutoParcel


11" X 17" Inclusive


All Sizes Below Market Cost!

30% Off
We produce 5-day Sales Events that dramatically boost your profits during that event and keep your numbers rising after the Event. Our Events are 100% Inclusive of shipping, dedicated sale website, POS forms... posters (2 sizes)... registrations & $20k prize insurance.

*        30,000 25 X 22 Bi-fold 4/4  

*        Saturation List - Names Where Available

*        Dedicated Sale Website

*        $20,000 Grand Prize insurance

*        Delivered Directly to the DDU

*        Website Application Page

*        Unique Call Tracking

*        300 Event Registration Forms

*        300 3/2 Vacation Vouchers

*        600 Balloons

*        150 Hang Tags





WANT 700 UPS this weekend?

We’ve helped hundreds of Dealerships all over the country increase their sales with our direct mail events! We do it for them and we can do it for you.


These five day events average over $100,000 gross profit for our customers. Plus, you keep 100% of the profit generated from our Turn-Key Events!

PDS, Inc provides complete turn-key sale events with our help planning your Event. "We have a 16 Year Track Record of Excellence with Hundreds of Successful Sales Events". Mark D. Proctor... PDS, Inc.

PDS maximizes ROI. We do not pay commissions on... or Profit from advertising budget. 100% is spent at our Below Market Cost to Increase Sales and Profit.

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